Unsolicited applications

If there is not a vacancy right now that matches your competencies, you are welcome to register with one of our Job Agents. Then you will automatically receive an email if we post a position that might be of interest to you.

It is important that you state in your CV what type of work tasks you want to work with and where you can contribute your skills and personal qualities. This significantly increases the chances that HR in collaboration with the relevant managers will find a match.

Create a Job Agent

How we process your CV in JobAgenten

You must upload your CV via our JobAgent. Once we have created you in JobAgenten, it will be assessed in connection with vacancies whether this job matches what you could wish for, and you will receive an email that makes you aware of the new job. Should you wish to be removed from our CV database, you can always log in and delete your profile yourself, otherwise you will automatically be asked every 6 months if you want to remain in the database.