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NVB 2023 1440X810

Strong development in a challenging 2022

Skorstensgaard 1440X810

Nic. Christiansen Group buys the majority of Skorstensgaard

BYD 1440X810

Nic. Christiansen Gruppen Partners with BYD for New Energy Passenger Vehicles in Denmark

Autonorden 16 9

Terminalen takes over the activities in Autonorden A/S

Ncg Huset 1440X810

Contractor signed for NCG domicile

Nic. Christiansen Group has closed the deal with the contractor who will be responsible for the new domicile.
3 BOS8631

Nic. Christiansen Group A/S presents annual report with historical solidity

With progress in all branches of the company, Nic. Christiansen Group presents a historically strong full-year result for 2021.

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