Corporate Social Responsibility

We fundamentally believe in treating each other decently, conducting ourselves responsibly and running our business properly. This is an integrated element of our corporate culture, which we seek to achieve every day. We put this before anything else.
ESG strategy

ESG strategy

When we work with ESG as a part of the corporate strategy, it is to ensure systematic orderliness, responsibility and credibility so that we can emphasize and retain the actions and activities that we want to characterize our company.

ESG is an integrated part of our corporate strategy, and we see it as a natural part of running a responsible business.

In 2023, we introduced our first dedciated ESG strategy. Even though the work with ESG initiatives is not new to ys, the strategy provides us with a common direction for the group and help us focus where we can make the greatest impact. 

ESG Report 2023

ESG Report 2023

Behaviour and integrity are core values in Nic. Christiansen Group - to our customers, to each other and to our surroundings. Therefore, it also matters to us to contribute to the green transition of the Danish people's automotive habits and take a social and governance-wise responsibility for the world around us. 

In our 2023 ESG Report (available in Danish only), you can read more about our focus areas, actions and goals.

Read our ESG report here

ESG in Nic. Christiansen Group

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Nic. Christiansen Group has set specific goals for CO2 reductions by 2030. This initially concerns CO2 from their own operations (scope 1 and 2), while they are working to establish a CO2 baseline for activities in the value chain.

Fuel-Efficient Cars

The Nic. Christiansen Group’s suppliers are developing cars that are fuel-efficient and focus on low CO2 emissions as well as low fuel consumption. These suppliers continue to launch new technology that improves conventional fuel engines, but also develop new technologies within electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and gas.

Waste Management

The Nic. Christiansen Group complies with the applicable rules for handling hazardous waste, disposal of used IT equipment, etc. In addition, all paper is sorted daily from household waste for recycling.

Energy-Saving Measures

The Nic. Christiansen Group is continuously replacing installations with modern and energy-efficient solutions to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions from the daily operation of the company. All properties are regularly reviewed to identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption.

Scrapping and Recycling

The Nic. Christiansen Group has made agreements with companies for the recycling of decommissioned vehicles. The companies receive and process iron and metal scrap for processing into new products. The companies ensure that at least 80% of the vehicle’s original weight is recycled or utilized in the best possible way.


The Group has designed its occupational health and safety policy, as well as environmental and climate policy, to take into account both the working environment and the environment, while complying with the requirements of the legislation. An environmentally responsible policy is pursued, characterized by recycling, energy saving, and fuel-efficient cars. It is aimed to recycle as much as possible of the materials consumed/used in connection with the Group’s production, and environmental protection is used in connection with all the substances used.

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Social conditions and employee conditions

In the course of many years in the automotive sector, the Group's employees have built up significant and unique knowledge of industry conditions for the sector. Interesting work tasks and exciting products, together with a good personnel policy, contribute to attracting and retaining the expertise required.

Employee Satisfaction

Annual personnel development interviews and employee satisfaction surveys are some of the tools we use to monitor general well-being and knowledge resources in relation to future and current tasks.

Leadership Development

We offer continuous supplementary training to support managerial development and personal knowledge, while the Group also makes use of the professional development courses planned by manufacturers.

Common responsibility

We are an ambitious Group, with an informal working atmosphere, and we are a workplace where things can happen very quickly. This requires employees to show flexibility and readiness for change. There is also a requirement that they not only can, but should offer constructive opinions on how to perform our tasks in the best possible way, and achieve our full potential. We also focus on the individual person and their work/life balance. We wish to take care of our employees, so that they can take care of the Group. We focus on a safe working environment and the well-being of our employees. We wish to contribute to our employees’ development, to prepare them well for their work now and in the future, and to take responsibility for training new employees for the sector in which we operate.

Health insurance

In order to ensure the shortest possible periods of illness/injury, the Nic. Christiansen Group has established health insurance for its employees, covering a large number of types of illness and injury, and their consequences.

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Governance and leadership


Ethics is our common term for activities that ensure that we run our business in a way that always complies with current legislation, guidelines, safety provisions, etc. This demonstrates our responsibility to our customers, society at large and our business partners. Our code of ethics is based on the international principles described in the UN Global Compact initiative.

This sets out a number of ethical principles as a Code of Conduct, which is our common basis for good conduct at the Nic. Christiansen Group.

The Nic. Christiansen Group has an internal compliance department that, among other things, will ensure that none of the company's employees offer or receive unwarranted benefits to, or from, employees in private companies or public institutions in Denmark or abroad.

Working environment

Working environment organisation

A working environment organisation has been established in the Nic. Christiansen Group, in accordance with the applicable regulations. The statutory working environment organisation includes the individual functions and departments.

Both the physical and psychosocial working environment are safeguarded though the local working environment representative, as well as the mandatory workplace assessments (WA) that are run digitally by the central HR department. There is also close monitoring of sick leave statistics and personnel turnover rates, in order to give any required help and assistance to the employees concerned.

International principles

NCG bases its CSR work on internationally recognised principles for human rights and employee rights, and for the environment and anti-corruption.

The basis for these principles is the UN Global Compact initiative. It is continuously sought to comply with these principles and to include them in the guidelines and policies for the entire Group. The principles can be viewed here:

Fighting Corruption and Bribery

We have a zero-tolerance policy against corruption, bribery, and other forms of unethical behavior. Likewise, we do not accept corruption or bribery in the form of giving or receiving payments that can influence the behavior of public or commercial partners, which can lead to an unethical or illegal competitive advantage.

To ensure that our employees are updated on our expectations, the topic of “competition law” is part of our Awareness training program.

Human Rights

The Group has internal guidelines and objectives, so that work is carried out in a safe and healthy working environment with respect for human rights. The company has internal guidelines and objectives, so that work is carried out in a safe and healthy working environment with respect for human rights.


NCG has had a whistleblower scheme since 2016, where one can report relevant cases with full anonymity. The scheme has been a significant priority for the top management since its establishment. All employees have access to this via our intranet.