Approved: The Nic. Christiansen Group acquires the majority of Skorstensgaard

The Nic. Christiansen Group from Kolding has now received the competition authorities' approval of the acquisition of the workshop chain Skorstensgaard.

With this acquisition, Skorstensgaard with its twenty-two innovative workshops has become a part of the Nic. Christiansen Group. It is with great satisfaction that Group CEO Niels Vrist Bertelsen receives the news. He is excited about the many opportunities that the addition of Skorstensgaard provides for the group.

"We are happy that the acquisition has finally been approved. Now, we can begin on what has been our plan with the acquisition from the start: To play each other better and benefit from the fact that the Nic. Christiansen Group now covers the entire value chain on the Danish market - and at the same time increase our footprint across the map," says Niels Vrist Bertelsen, and adds:

"In an automotive industry characterized by large changes, consolidation and acquisitions, it is our clear belief that the addition of Skorstensgaard is a significant empowerment of the Nic. Christiansen Group. It is completely in line with our strategic focus on creating growth and expanding our business. We look forward to begin the work of integrating Skorstensgaard into the group."

Continues under the name 'Skorstensgaard'

The Nic. Christiansen Group buys in as the main shareholder in Skorstensgaard, while the brothers Anders and Martin Skorstensgaard, who founded the chain in 2009, retain a minority share. Anders and Martin Skorstensgaard continue as respectively CEO and COO of the workshop chain, which continues under the Skorstensgaard name, and the two founders are looking forward to the new chapter that now awaits.

"We couldn't imagine a better match. The Nic. Christiansen Group's vision and commitment to quality and customer service is very similar to ours. They have a strong financial position and a skilled management team that focuses on growth and innovation. We are happy that we have become a part of that. Now, we put on the working gloves and lay out a joint strategy. We look forward to Skorstensgaard getting new business opportunities and more locations on the map," says Anders Skorstensgaard, while Martin Skorstensgaard adds:

"While the competition authorities have been working on the approval, we have further refined and optimized our workshop and franchise concept. Skorstensgaard now has the strongest growth foundation to date with an NPS score of a whopping 70. We are looking forward and we are ready for the future growth collaboration with Nic. Christiansen Group," says Martin Skorstensgaard.

The addition of Skorstensgaard takes place in a year when Nic. Christiansen Gruppen has greatly upgraded. The group has thus also acquired the German BMW dealer chain May & Olde and the Danish Toyota dealer chain ERA BILER.


For further information:

Niels Vrist Bertelsen, CEO

Phone: +45 60 37 51 26

Nic. Christiansen Group

  • The Nic. Christiansen Group is one of the largest car groups in Denmark. Since the foundation in 1967, the grop has worked with car import and retail sales plus financing and leasing of cars.
  • The family-owned company is based in Kolding and is responsible for among others the Danish import of Hyundai, BYD, Land Rover and Jaguar. In addition, the group owns four dealership chains Bayern AutoGroup, May & Olde (7 BMW dealerships in Schleswig-Holstein), Terminalen and British MotorGroup, plus the leasing and financing company NCG Finans.
  • The Nic. Christiansen Group employs more than 1,000 people spread over the grou's activities in North Europe and the Baltics.


  • Skorstensgaard is an independent workshop chain with 22 workshops across Denmark, which is total employs 229 people. 
  • The chain was founded by the brothers Anders and Martin Skorstensgaard in 2009 and is based in Kolding.
  • In 2014, Skorstensgaard was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young (EY) whilst also named a Gazelle company by the Danish newspaper Børsen.