Nic. Christiansen Group prepares for the future: ‘There are many opportunities for growth’

Nic. Christiansen Group prepares for the future with a comprehensive reorganization of the group. 

This means, among other things, that Nic. Christiansen Group under the headline ‘One NCG - moving forward’ gets a greater focus on the entire value chain and not just the individual departments, as it now breaks with the division between import, retail and finance. 

This will ensure that the organization in the Kolding-based car group, which is among Denmark’s largest, is even more adapted to a market that is characterized by great changes. 

This is explained by Niels Vrist Bertelsen, CEO of Nic. Christiansen Group. 

“We are in a period with historically large movements in the market, and for a group like ours, which imports and sells cars, it also means that there are many opportunities for growth and expansion of the business,” says Niels Vrist Bertelsen and elaborates: 

“Our clear conviction is that the industry in the future will be dominated by fewer and larger players. Therefore, we have a strategic focus on growth in Nic. Christiansen Group and are constantly looking for interesting acquisition opportunities in the market. We are well prepared financially with a historically strong equity, and with the reorganization we ensure that the organization also has the right setup to handle the many exciting opportunities that await,” he says. 

Synergies and increased quality 

Nic. Christiansen Group will create a more holistic, collaborative and scalable organization with the reorganization, where strong competence centers service all parts of the group. Likewise, there will be, among other things, an intensified focus on the aftermarket to extend the relationship with the customers, while also turning up the ambitions around the sale of used cars. 

NCG Import changes its name to NCG Distribution, and the different brands that the group imports get their own team and own distribution channel in the form of a dealer network. In addition, NCG Skadecenter is also established, which will be the damage center for all businesses in the group, which is an example of the increased focus on strengthening the interaction across branches. 

“With our new organization, we achieve better synergies and that we utilize the group’s and the individual employee’s strengths more optimally. It will increase the quality and efficiency of our work and make Nic. Christiansen Group even more attractive to the manufacturers and customers. We look forward to starting a new chapter for our group and are convinced that the reorganization strengthens our position in the industry,” says Niels Vrist Bertelsen. 


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