Strong comeback in Nic. Christiansen Group Annual Report: A bright, green future in prospect

After a strong finish in the second half of 2018, the Nic. Christiansen Group can today present a favourable annual report, with turnover of DKK 6.3 bn. and profits of DKK 55 m. 2019 is already shaping up to be even better - not least because of the Group's strong market position within environmentally friendly cars.

The very favourable annual report for 2018 being presented by the Nic. Christiansen Group is satisfactory and lives up to expectations. The good result is due to hard work and the implementation of a number of strategic measures which led to the second half of 2018 developing in a very positive direction.

Once again it's full steam ahead for the Kolding, Denmark, car group, which comes out of 2018 with profits of DKK 55.5 m - and that in a year with a slight decline in turnover, as the group divested a number of underperforming business areas. 

"We are very happy with our performance in 2018 - not least after the first half, in which we were challenged by the after-effects of the changes to the Danish car registration levy and the introduction of the new fuel standard WLTP. We tackled the challenges and achieved a really strong finish in the final six months, almost throughout the entire group, which is why we are able to present a favourable annual report and good profits for the whole year. We owe all our workforce hearty thanks for their strong efforts, which have had a major influence on the good results," says Group Director of the Nic. Christiansen Group, Niels Vrist Bertelsen.

"The good results are in part due to the fact that in 2018 we were able to reap the first fruits of last year's investments and strategic initiatives, meaning that we stand even stronger digitally than we did before. At the same time, we have built on the last few years' successful focus on the company, and have made new future-oriented investments in our core business, which are showing good prospects for the future," Bertelsen says.

Particularly Bayern AutoGroup made impressive steps in 2018 and delivered record results, after a year in which consumers bought more new cars in the premium segment, a plus point for a strong premium brand like BMW, which is traded by Bayern AutoGroup. At the same time, the Nic. Christiansen Group is pleased with the successful introduction of Hyundai in Sweden. Though this only occurred in late 2018, the Swedish Hyundai activities have brought in a profit and the Group has great expectations for this area in 2019 and coming years.

2018 was also the year when the Nic. Christiansen Group terminated its SsangYong cooperation, because the product range had proved uncompetitive and incompatible with the Nordic car market - not least after the introduction of WLTP and the start of the Swedish levying system 'bonus-malus', designed to promote the sale of environmentally friendly cars.

The future is bright and green
To an increasing extent, consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly cars as part of the sustainability wave flowing not least through the Nordic countries at the moment. This is a development supported by the Nic. Christiansen Group and is also one of the reasons why the  Group has got off to so good a start in 2019 and is looking forward to a both bright and green future.

"We are happy with the movement towards more environmentally friendly cars. Both because it benefits the environment, and because the car brands we trade in are among those at the forefront of greentech, both now and for the future. This applies particularly to Hyundai, Jaguar and BMW", Bertelsen says, and goes on:

"Both in 2019 and the years to come, we shall be launching further new, environmentally friendly cars. This applies to both Hyundai and BMW, which are both rolling out electric and hybrid models throughout almost their whole portfolio. We already have many greentech cars in our range, and we look forward to presenting the new environmentally-friendly electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars in the coming years. 

Consolidating leading position
The Nic. Christiansen Group is still enjoying the good progress from the second half of 2018 and continuing into the start of 2019, which has been particularly positive. For this reason, the Group expects to deliver even better results in 2019.

"We have got off to a really good start in 2019, and the year is already shaping up even better than we hoped at the beginning of the year. We are particularly pleased that the Nic. Christiansen Group is competitive, innovative and focused, and the Group's future goal is to expand and further develop our position as one of the leading players in the car market in the Nordic and Baltic countries. This is where we are today, and our clear expectation is that by wise investment, continued focus on keeping the business healthy and a relevant portfolio in all price classes, we shall be able to maintain our position."

About the Nic. Christiansen Group

  • Nic. Christiansen founded his business in 1967 when he acquired the BMW dealership for Denmark.  Christiansen died in 2010, at the age of 93. The business is now owned by Christiansen's eldest daughter, Birthe Christiansen, and her two daughters, Camilla and Carina.
  • The three main business areas that the Nic.  Christiansen Group operates in are import, retail and leasing/finance. 
  • Since 1992, the Nic. Christiansen Group has been responsible for the import of Hyundai's popular car models into Denmark. In addition, the Group holds the import agency for exciting car makes such as Jaguar and Land Rover in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Honda in Finland and the Baltic States, together with Hyundai in Denmark and Sweden.
  • The Group also has three car dealership chains with branches over the whole of Denmark: Bayern AutoGroup, dealing in BMW og MINI, Terminalen, dealing in the makes Hyundai, Honda, Fiat, Suzuki, Mazda, Citroën, Nissan and Toyota, and British MotorGroup, dealing in Land Rover and Jaguar.
  • In January 2016, the Nic. Christiansen Group launched the digital leasing concept SimplyGo, which offers short-term leasing to both private customers and businesses.
  • At the end of 2018, the Nic. Christiansen Group employed 617 persons (full-time positions). The Group makes a virtue of attracting and retaining the best and most knowledgeable employees in the car sector. Through many years of service, the Group's employees have built up a considerable and unique knowledge of the sector, enabling them to provide advice and guidance about the optimum solution for each customer in every situation. 
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The history of the Nic. Christiansen Group began in 1967, with the import of BMW. The company's primary activities today are the import of Hyundai, Honda, Land Rover and Jaguar, owning three car trading chains, Terminalen, Bayern AutoGroup and British MotorGroup as well as leasing and financing company NCG Finans.

The Nic. Christiansen Group has operations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.