Meet our employees

Here you can see selected stories about some of the many employees who work for our customers and suppliers every day with integrity, passion, ambition, and good teamwork.

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Data-driven insights strengthen the business

Jonas is a Business Intelligence Developer and works to use the data we have about the business to create value from the inside out. Jonas originally started as a student assistant at NCG and has continuously grown with his assignments.

Meet Jonas

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Growing our leaders

Lotte is one of our talented leaders in the NCG Import. As a part of our talent program, Lotte has been on a great journey with us and is continuing to ensure growth and further specialization in the After Market area.

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Customer-centric commercial success

Richie is another talented leader in the Commercial department of NCG Import. He is responsible for our Customer Engagement department. Richie has been with us for a couple of years and has grown through the organization through various roles. Hear more about his perspectives here. 

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Sales Trainee with international experience

Tobias Geisler works as a sales trainee at Bayern AutoGroup in Odense. He has recently returned to the group after a year at BMW in Hamburg. Hear about his work assignments and what he takes with him from the trip to Germany in the video here.

Meet Tobias

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Marketing exclusive brands

In our Malmö office in Sweden, you can meet Ebba, who works with marketing for Jaguar and Land Rover in the Swedish market. She loves the commitment and closeness to the brand you get in Nic. Christiansen Group.