NCG Key figures

The Nic. Christiansen Group continues on the good course set in the second half of 2018. Strong growth was maintained in 2019, and profit was increased almost fivefold to DKK 256 million.

2019 was a record year for the Nic Christiansen Group. Profit increased by almost DKK 200 million – while revenue rose from DKK 6.3 billion to DKK 8.8 billion. The total number of cars sold by import companies and retail dealers increased from 29,500 to 35,000.

Import dealerships, covering Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover and Honda, overall accounted for almost 26,500 cars sold, compared to 20,750 cars last year – an increase of 27% from 2018 to 2019.

We’re pleased with our performance in 2019. We’ve achieved record financial results – and continued the trend from the second half of 2018, when we also performed well. In 2018, we took over the import of Hyundai in Sweden, and in the first full financial year we’re pleased to conclude that the takeover of the brand in Sweden was successful. We already achieved a satisfactory profit in the first year of operation. Together with a number of other initiatives, we are well prepared for the future,” says CEO Niels Vrist Bertelsen.


Vision & Strategy

Nic. Christiansen Group aims to be the preferred partner and provider of mobility services in northern Europe.
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The history of the Nic. Christiansen Group began in 1967, with the import of BMW. The company's primary activities today are the import of Hyundai, Honda, Land Rover and Jaguar, owning three car trading chains, Terminalen, Bayern AutoGroup and British MotorGroup as well as leasing and financing company NCG Finans.

The Nic. Christiansen Group has operations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.