NCG to build new domicile in Kolding

After 45 years in the iconic white building on Sjællandsvej, Nic. Christiansen Group has decided to build a new domicile at the same address.

14 November 2021

The iconic building on Sjællandsvej 1 - the building that housed Nic. Christiansen Group's head office since 1976 - will soon be history. The old building is to be demolished, and on the other side awaits a beautiful, new domicile built according to modern standards for environmental certifications, working environment and business opportunities. Here, the approximately 150 employees that are currently distributed on Sjællandsvej and Korsvej in Kolding will be gathered in one office.

Among other things, the building will house an atrium and a showroom, so that the group can both arrange more internal training and show exciting products in front of customers and partners.

Today, Nic. Christiansen Group only built on 40 percent of the estate, but the group plans to build on almost twice as much. CEO Niels Vrist Bertelsen says to local media Jyske Vestkysten:

“Our new building must be an inspiring office environment, where there must be space for contemplation, with modern meeting rooms that match the digital transformation. This is of course happening in connection with the fact that we are more open to a little more homework, which we then worked fine during the corona shutdown. ”

The employees in Kolding will be involved in the actual design of the building together with both the group management, the owners and the architects who have been chosen to design the building.