Nic. Christiansen Group buys the majority of Skorstensgaard

Nic. Christiansen Group expands the business with the acquisition of the workshop chain Skorstensgaard.

The supplement of the 22 Skorstensgaard workshops is a natural part in the focus of Nic. Christiansen Group on expansion, tells CEO of the group, Niels Vrist Bertelsen.

”In Nic. Christiansen Group we have a strategic focus on creating growth and expand our business. Therefore, we jump at the offer when we see the right possibilities in the market. And here the acquisition of Skorstensgaard was obvious for our group,” he says and elaborates the decision:

”We get an innovative workshop chain, which has a high customer satisfaction. Skorstensgaard has 22 new, modern workshops, and in addition we will buy up even more workshops, which are going to be included in the chain. This will strengthen our geographic presence in all the country and bring us even closer to even more Danes. At the same time, we get the possibility to maintain the relation to the customers for even longer time. Obviously, we are enthusiastic about this, and I am sure that it will be a big gain for Nic. Christiansen Group,” tells Niels Vrist Bertelsen.

Continues in the name of ’Skorstensgaard’

Nic. Christiansen Group will be majority shareholder in Skorstensgaard, while the brothers Anders and Martin Skorstensgaard, who founded the chain in 2009, keep a  minority share. Skorstensgaard employs 229 employees, and by that the acquisition means, that Nic. Christiansen Group reaches a milestone, as the group will round 1.000 employees.

Anders and Martin Skorstensgaard continue as CEO and COO for the workshop chain, respectively, and the two founders are looking forward to the new chapter, waiting for Skorstensgaard.

”Nic. Christiansen Group is an extremely competent and visionary actor in the car business, and we could not imagine a better match for Skorstensgaard. We are convinced that we will get an exciting future together, and we are happy to continue to be part of the journey,” says Anders Skorstensgaard and continues:

”Skorstensgaard has been through a huge transformation since the opening in 2009, and our business has developed very much in recent years. We have been rewarded for a massive focus on service, and the big customer satisfaction, that we see, makes us very proud. Skorstensgaard is in a stronger state than ever, and this creates a fantastic foundation for the future.”

While the customer satisfaction at Skorstensgaard is high, the economic development of the company was put under pressure, when the covid pandemic made its entry. With the entrance of Nic. Christiansen Group the chain is strongly prepared to develop in a workshop market, which has come back to the normal demand.

The chain will still have the name ’Skorstensgaard’, but a number of the workshops are among other things expected to work as authorized work shops for more of the new brands of Nic. Christiansen Group.

Thus, the acquisition of Skorstensgaard gives Nic. Christiansen Group more strains on its bow, and Niels Vrist Bertelsen expects, that the group will make further investments to position itself as good as possible for the years to come.

”Our clear belief is that the business will in future be dominated by fewer and bigger actors. Therefore, we are also very aware if there are interesting acquisition possibilities in the market. At the same time, we are well equipped for this development, as in recent years we have build an equity which is stronger than ever. And I do have a clear expectation that this year will make further investments, for example in the form of acquisitions or additions of new brands,” says Niels Vrist Bertelsen.

The acquitision of Nic. Christiansen Group is conditional on approval from the competition authorities. However, Niels Vrist Bertelsen underlines that he does not expect this to be a problem.


Nic. Christiansen Group:

  • Christiansen Group is one of the biggest car groups in Denmark, which has since the foundation in 1067 worked with car import, retail sale, and financing and leasing of cars.
  • The family-owned group has its headquarters in Kolding, and manages the Danish import of Hyundai, Honda, BYD, Land Rover, and Jaguar. Besides, the group owns three car chains Bayern AutoGroup, Terminalen, and British MotorGroup and the leasing and financing company NCG Finans.
  • Christiansen Group employs more than 800 people, being spread over the activities of the group in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic States.



  • Skorstensgaard is a free (unauthorized) workshop chain with 22 workshops around in Denmark, which totally employs 229 employees.
  • The chain was founded by the brothers Anders Skorstensgaard (CEO) and Martin Skorstensgaard (COO) back in 2009 and has its headquarters in Kolding.
  • In 2014 Skorstensgaard was shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young (EY) and was elected Gazelle-company of the daily newspaper Børsen.