Record sales of chargeable cars in December

Sales of electric and plug-in cars in December exceeded sales of cars with purely fossil fuel engines in Denmark. The development pleases CEO of Nic. Christiansen Group Niels Vrist Bertelsen, who is looking forward to a 2022, where there are still long delivery times, but great demand for chargeable cars.

2 January 2022

The number of rechargeable cars in Denmark doubled in 2021 compared to 2020. This is shown by figures from Danish Car Importers. The month of December stands out. Here, for the first time ever, sales of rechargeable cars exceeded sales of cars with fossil fuel engines.

In connection with the publication of the new figures, Nic. Christiansen Group CEO Niels Bertelsen stated the following to the Danish news media Finans.

"If we look at the cars we have sold but not yet delivered, we see an even larger share of electric and plug-in cars. So the trend will continue, and the share of chargeable cars will also rise again in 2022. "

Among other things, the CEO talks about progress in the market for rechargeable cars despite long delivery times. This is positive for the green transition, but there is also a need for an increased focus on charging station infrastructure, so that it remains attractive for Danes to buy electric cars.

“The really big hurdle right now is that those who live inside the cities are getting a bigger and bigger problem because sales of electric cars are rising much faster than we had anticipated. This is really positive, but our charging structure is not keeping up, so it will be more difficult for them inside the cities to find a charging station when they come home from work," says Niels Bertelsen to Finans, and adds:

"Long standardization times are also a problem for everyone who sells cars. This is due to microchips and corona. So I would urge that if you want an electric car, you have to be out relatively early - because, as I see it, delivery times are getting longer and longer. "

According to Danske Bilimportører, general car sales fell from 198,124 in 2020 to 185,328 in 2021. There are many indications that 2022 will also be dominated by long delivery times due to the corona pandemic and the lack of microchips.

'Again, I do not think we can supply the cars that are in demand. It gets very influenced by how many cars are available. I think the total sales in 2022 will be roughly at the same level as this year, but I think there is a demand for 200,000 or maybe 220,000 cars, "says the CEO to Finans.